Operations Optimization

We collect data, analyze, optimize and convert them into actions.

operations management

CSR Pathway uses modern operational tools to analyze data and information collected from your business, define the optimization opportunities and convert them into actions. We work closely with your team to develop the model that helps maximize your capacities & productivities, ensure quality consistency and minimize costs to enable greater efficiency and effectiveness in simple and complex tasks.

Our Operation Optimization Services helps you in,

  • Enhance current processes
  • Creating or optimizing new processes
  • Incorporate technology and business best practices
  • Analyze the optimized process in detail and provide detailed documentation
  • Plan and communicate process changes after they have been optimized

Standardizing processes can improve operational performance, reduce costs, facilitate communication, and take advantage of expert knowledge. Documenting processes help reduce training time, minimize mistakes, increase operations consistency and be ready to scale.

This service may be the best option for your organization if you seek assistance in:

  • Designing new or revamping existing processes to optimize your operations.
  • Documenting the process into business workflows and Operating Standard Procedures (SOP).
  • Editing existing operational documents to increase clarity and understanding.

Process Standardization & Documenting

Design new, revamp existing to increase consistency and ready to scale.

process automation

Process Automation

We help to plan and implement automation. We assist setting up, review process and recommend softwares.

process automation

CSR Pathway has its own team and partners with large-scale companies to help you plan and implement Process Automation. Our Partners are the industry leader’s chosen organizations for digital transformation with industry expertise, automation capabilities, and analytical insight.

How can we help you in process automation?

  • Assist you in selecting, setting up, and implementing operational software applications or tools.
  • Review your processes and define the opportunities for automation.
  • Recommend appropriate automation solutions available in the market.
  • Recommend reliable partners to develop new software applications or customize your existing software application.

We offer the following services:

  1. Telemedicine: Technology, setup, and operations
  2. Medical practice management: Multi-specialty medical practice operations, including
    • Strategy and business plan
    • Provider’s recruitment and performance management
    • Payers’ contract and Providers credentialing
    • Front office, Revenue Cycle Management
    • Finance, IT support (EHR and other systems), and Quality programs
  3. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for back office tasks
  4. Population Health Programs, concentrating on chronic diseases management and care coordination (RPM, CCM, CoCM, BHI, etc.)

Medical Practice Management

practice management

Management Service Organization (MSO)

Our management service covers all business operations so that you can focus on what’s important – achieving your long-term business goals. Our team of consultants at CSR Pathway can also help improve your performance while providing you with our management services. Whether you are struggling to reach your goals or need assistance filling them, we are here to help you in,

  • Outsource fractional managers to manage daily operations
  • Temporary staffing for vacant positions
  • Take care of some or all back-office tasks for medical practices

Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

Our team of consultants in sourcing and supply chain has substantial experience in supply chain management gained from well-known global supply chains. CSR Pathway can help you with sourcing, supplier, costing, purchasing, logistics, and quality assurance. We specialize in sourcing footwear, apparel, accessories, and household products from Vietnam, China, Indonesia & Cambodia. However, we are open to discussion in other types of commodities and regions.

On top of sourcing, we can assist you in communicating with local governmental agencies to set up and streamline your sourcing processes

CSR and Sustainability

We equip your team with fundamental concepts and provide guidance for implementation.

sustainable business

CSR Pathway offers a unique Sustainable Business Model where CSR is integrated into business strategy and operation to enhance compliance and ultimately generate values for the business. Our consulting service will equip your team with fundamental concepts of the model and provide guidance for implementation. Our service package includes the following key items:

  • A unique and successful Sustainable Business Model
  • Model customization to fit with client’s business operations.
  • Awareness training to the client’s management and supervisory team on the fundamental parts of the model.
  • Technical assistance to the client’s project team to implement the model.
  • Performance assessment to identify the improvement opportunities and readiness for external verification.



We provide innovative, technology-driven solutions to healthcare organizations across the spectrum to enhance performance and drive better outcomes.

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CSR helps organizations of all sizes rethink their operations. Your company can save time and money by implementing our solutions to engage your customers, build a great employee experience, and save money by building operational efficiency.

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Our expertise in Optimizing sourcing, production management, logistics, and transportation activities will improve the supply chain.

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CSR Pathway possesses a unique Sustainable Business Model where CSR and Sustainability are integrated into operations to generate more values and reduce negative impacts on the community and environment.

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